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Generator Services & repair

Regular servicing of your generator is essential to ensure its reliability and longevity. A well-maintained generator will have a longer lifespan and be less likely to experience breakdowns or failures. Regular servicing includes inspecting and replacing worn parts, cleaning the generator, and checking the oil, coolant and fuel levels. This helps to prevent damage, rust, and corrosion to the internal parts and ensures that the generator is running at its optimal performance. Additionally, regular servicing ensures that your generator is in compliance with any warranty or safety regulations and is running efficiently, which can save you money on fuel costs in the long run. In case of emergency power outages, a regularly serviced generator can be a lifesaver, providing power to keep essential equipment running and keep your family safe and comfortable. Our team is also certified from generac with numerous certifications and are able to fix a wide variety of generac generators and other big brands. Call us today for Generator Services and Repairs!

generator services
Global Power

What does the Global Power Service team do for you?

As a Global Power Service customer, our trained technicians and fully equipped service vehicles ensure that your generator starts in any weather when you need it most.

Hassle-free maintenance: We will follow up and contact you every year to schedule your generator service, we keep an updated database of all visits to your generator.

Arrive Ready: One of our trained technicians will arrive on time with a fully equipped service vehicle to service or repair your generator, first time.

Emergency Repair Service: We offer a 24/7 emergency service equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, so whatever the weather conditions, we’ll be able to meet your needs.

Spare Parts and Accessories: We supply, install and maintain a variety of spare parts and accessories for your generator.


Maintenance of your generator system

Generator: (engine, alternator and controls)

Inspect the overall condition of the generator, including any physical damage or signs of wear and tear.

Check all fluid levels, including oil, coolant, and fuel.

Inspect the air filter and replace if dirty or clogged.

Check the battery and battery connections for corrosion or damage.

Inspect the alternator and starter for proper operation and function.

Test the generator’s voltage and amperage output to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Check the generator’s exhaust system for any signs of blockages or damage.

Inspect the fuel system for leaks or damage.

Test the generator’s automatic transfer switch (ATS) for proper operation

Perform a load test to ensure the generator can handle the required load.

Inspect the control panel and gauges for proper operation and accuracy.

Check the safety devices such as over-temperature, low oil pressure and over-crank.

Review the service log and ensure all recommended service has been done and document the inspection.

Check the surrounding area for any hazards that could affect the generator operation.

Check the grounding system.

generator services

A complete line of generator service Packages

We offer a number of generator maintenance options to ensure that backup power will carry you through a power outage:

Monthly Service Agreement

Our monthly service contracts provide 12 service visits per year and include: Complete generator inspection, ATS Inspection, One Oil & Filter Change 

Annual Service Agreement

Our annual service contracts provide 2 service visits per year and include: Full generator inspection, ATS Inspection, One Oil & Filter Change 

Quarterly Service Agreement

Our quarterly service contracts provide 4 service visits per year and include: Complete generator inspection, ATS Inspection, One Oil & Filter Change 

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